Number Supplied Error Prevents AP Push to Quickbooks Online

In the AP Push page, there is a "Number supplied may be correct form but value is not supported by the AP" error in the Status column for a voucher. This error prevents the voucher from being pushed to QuickBooks Online (QBO) for billing.

This error relates to the terms on the PO being unmapped. Check the PO and confirm that the terms are correct:

If the payment terms are correct, they may be mapped two different ways:

Mapping the Payment Term via the Accounts Payable role:

go to Accounts Payable > Terms > Terms and click the edit button to map the terms. Once the terms are mapped you should be able to push.

(Please note, that in order to properly map the payment term, this must be added in Prendio and also QuickBooks Online. More information regarding syncing Payment Terms or any segments may be found here:

Syncing GL Accounts, Projects, and Departments in Accounts Payable with the Prendio Online Connectors


The payment terms now appear in white as they have been mapped:


If the terms are incorrect, reach out toa user with the Buyer role to update the terms on the PO.  Once terms on the PO are correct, double check to make sure those terms are mapped in Accounts Payable > Terms. Once mapped, the voucher will be set to push to QuickBooks Online.


Mapping the Payment Term by Performing a Let’s Align in AP Push

At times, it may be more convenient to map the payment term by performing a Let’s Align in AP Push rather than mapping via the Accounts Payable role:

Once Let’s Align is selected, click on Refresh:

Prendio connects with QuickBooks online to find the payment term in order to map:

In the ERP dropdown, select the corresponding payment term from QuickBooks online to map to the Prendio equivalent (Please note, that if the corresponding payment term does not appear in the ERP dropdown, it may need to be manually added to QuickBooks online first). Once selected, click on Send to ERP to complete the mapping process:

Once the payment term has been mapped, it will no longer appear in the Let’s Align window. Click on Done to close the Let’s Align window. The voucher may now be pushed to QuickBooks Online.