Prendio Version 2.71

An overview of the patch releases for this version of Prendio.

Prendio version 2.71.0 - (February 21, 2024)


New Feature!

  • Segment Imports - You can now import new flexible segments into Prendio under the Accounts Payable tab. The imported data will replace and override current Segment settings. For more information, see the Import All Segments help doc.


Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed mouse-over display of details for certain order statuses

  • Unsaved Change on PO Edit Page Causes PO to show 0 amount in Order History and Scan Match

  • Single company users see a drop-down arrow for switching companies

  • "Not Found Error" appears when sending PO for re-approval when Requester is inactive

  • Certain approval notifications received during Quiet Hours

  • Not all segments are reflected in the Watchers/Approvers list under User Account Setup > Details

  • Approval of Segment Approvers not triggered when notify amount is $0

  • When the highest approver is out of office, they are not labelled (OOO) in the approval path

  • Delete action does not work as expected on Orders and Buyer's Queue pages

  • Payment Status in Paid Bills does not display payment amount with certain vouchers

  • Certain flexible segment selections do not carry over when duplicating a cart

  • Requisition is stuck in the My Orders table of an approver after Buyer override

Prendio version 2.71.1 - (February 23, 2024)


Bugs Fixed

  • Fix to approval calculation for Additional Funds Request feature in Scan Match

Prendio version 2.71.2 - (February 26, 2024)


Bugs Fixed

  • Priority fixes for User Audit and PO Audit reports