Processing an Invoice into a Voucher

After invoices are uploaded and details added in the Scan Match, they are moved to the Vouchers tab to prepare into a voucher if the three way match is complete.

Updated on April 24, 2024


Please note that in order to process a voucher, the receipt from a packing slip or proxy packing slip must be created in the Receiver role. For further information, please visit:

 Processing a Packing Slip or Proxy Packing Slip into a Receipt

In Vouchers of Accounts Payable, a receipt can be found via Available Receipts.  A voucher can have multiple receipts if more than one packing slip or proxy packing slip has been received against the same invoice.  Clicking on the link (Rec#) for the receipt will display the details in a new window.

A receipt created from a packing slip uploaded by the Receiver:

A receipt created from a proxy packing slip by the Receiver:


Vouchers that do not have a receipt processed against the invoice will see a message indicating there are No available receipts:


Even if a Proxy Packing Slip request is complete, a user with the Receiver role must process this into a receipt.  If a Proxy Packing Slip is not processed into a receipt, No available receipts will also appear:

Once a receipt has been created, the View option appears in the Actions column:


Any vouchers (for invoices) without a corresponding receipt will not display a View option:


Select View to display the voucher details on the next screen:


Confirm that all of the details on the invoice match the details for the PO and Receipt(s) in Prendio. Areas to check include the remit address for the supplier, PO number, Invoice Number, Invoice Date (can be different depending on when books close at a company), and Terms:

Voucher details in Prendio:


Details from uploaded Invoice:



Confirm that the details on the Receipt including descriptions of parts or services, Qty (for part lines), and pricing match the invoice.

Receipt details in Prendio:

Details from the Invoice:


After confirming details match, check off the Receipt to indicate it is all set. *Please note that multiple receipts can be checked off for the same invoice. If a receipt listed does not match the invoice, leave the receipt unchecked to be processed once the correct invoice is uploaded:


Add any tax or freight amounts reflected on the invoice in the fields located on the bottom right of the screen.

Tax and Freight fields in Prendio:

Tax and Freight from the Invoice:


Confirm that the Invoice Total in Prendio matches the total on the invoice.

Total in Prendio:

Total from the Invoice:


After confirming details are correct, select Done, OK to Pay:


The voucher moves to the AP Push tab of the AP Management role ready to push by export or by connector to an ERP system.