Understanding The Prendio Receiver Role

Updated on April 24, 2024



Receivers upload packing slips to Prendio once delivered with orders.  Receivers then process the packing slips into Receipts by comparing items delivered on the packing slip to items orders on the PO.  
Please note that if a packing slip is not available for an order, a proxy packing slip request can be sent to the user from the Accounts Payable role.  For more details about sending a proxy packing slip request, please visit: Understanding Missing Packing Slip Proxy Requests
Receiver > Orders

The Orders tab displays the total number of Open Orders:


The screen is initially blank and users can search for orders using the filters:

Users can filter orders by Order Type and time Period.  After the filters have been added, select Filter to populate order results:

Users can select the top check box to select all orders or check individual order(s) then press Export Open PO Detail to export a CSV file containing the selections:


After selecting Export Open PO Detail, a Status Check can be selected to monitor the status of the request, and download the result when complete:

Columns in the Orders tab include Shopping Cart Number, Cart Name, Project, Requester, Req, DescriptionPurchase Order, Supplier, Total, Delivery Date, Cart Status, and Actions.  Users can click on the Arrowhead icon to sort the columns.

Selecting the Cart Number link will allow users to view the cart and the Req Number link to view Order History in a new window.

In the Actions column, users can select View (eyeball) icon to view the Purchase Order in a new window.


Force Closing POs

Receivers have the ability to Force Close Purchase Orders via the Orders tab.  For more details regarding Force Closing POs, please visit: Closing Purchase Orders



 Receiver > Scan > Scan Upload
 After an order is delivered the packing slip must be uploaded to Prendio to process as part of the three way match.  Please note that packing slips must be in a PDF format to be uploaded, otherwise Prendio will not accept the document and users will receive an error message.
*Please note that files up to 10MB maximum will be accepted; however, a smaller file size is recommended as some ERP systems have file limitations for the push bundle. 
 After locating Scan Upload, PDF files can be dragged and dropped to the Add Scanned Filed to the Queue or users can select Add Files to manually select PDF documents to upload:
Note: If documents are already in the Scan Upload window, the Add Files button will display + # Files Queued and can be used to upload additional documents:
Documents added to the queue can be deleted by selecting the minus symbol on the top right of the document:
Select Start Upload to upload the PDF Documents:
When an upload of a document is complete, a Check Mark appears in the corner of document:
100% appears in the corner of the window when the upload is complete:
After the documents are uploaded, they migrate to the Scan Match section of the Scan tab:


Scan Upload Email

Packing slips can also be uploaded into Prendio using the company Scan Upload Email, eliminating the need to log into Prendio to upload them.

In the Scan Upload window, the unique company upload email address will be shown in the top right of the Scan Upload:

When documents are sent to the Scan Upload Email address, the user who sent them will receive a status update email response from Prendio confirming whether the upload was successful. Files that were Rejected will display a Note with the reason for the rejection. Prendio will accept files under the same rules as a manual upload. Files will be rejected if they are over 12 mb in size, are password protected, or are not in .pdf format:
Files that were uploaded successfully will added to the Scan Match section for further review and processing.
Receiver Scan > Scan Match
The Scan Match window is used to match the appropriate Packing Slip with a PO Number.
Please note that if areas in the Scan Match are greyed out, a service provider handles the company's Receiver and AP services.  Users have view only access to keep track of the service provider processing packing slips into Receipts.  Some users do not have access to the Scan Match.  If users need access to Scan Match, another user with the Admin role can grant the user Confidential Order permissions for access.

In Scan Match, the number of scans to review appears as thumbnails at the top.  If there are many scans to review, arrows will display to advance forward and back:

When a thumbnail is selected, it will display in a larger view:


After selecting a packing slip, the Received Date and PO# fields are used when processing a Packing Slip to be matched to a PO.  Once complete, select Done, Next:

The packing slips leaves the Scan Match to the Receipts tab for further review.

The Scan Notes field can be used to add a note to the Packing Slip to indicate if more information is needed before the packing slip can be processed:

Documents at the top of the Scan Match with Scan Notes will have an icon in the top right of the thumbnail:


Receiver > Receipts

After details of a packing slip are added in the Scan Match, they move to Receipts.  Users can process Scanned Packing Slips or Proxy Packing Slips into Receipts:


 The total Number of Receipts to be processes is listed at the top:

The Filter field can be used to search for data in this window and the Refresh button is used to clear the filter and display all receipts:

The Company, Supplier, PO #Receipt #, Date Items Recd, Receipt Status, and Notes columns can be sorted using the Arrowhead icons:


Clicking on the link in the PO # column will display the PO in another browser tab:


Packing Slips that have not been processed into a receipt will appear as N/A in the Receipt # column and Scanned as the Receipt Status:

If a user with the Accounts Payable role requested a Proxy Packing Slip, the completed proxy packing slip will appear as a link (Proxy on file) in the Receipt # column:

Clicking on the link (Proxy on file) allows the user to view the proxy packing slip history in a new window:


In the Actions column, select the View (eyeball) icon to view a Scanned Packing Slip and create the receipt. The Trash Can icon can be used to delete a Scanned Packing Slip or ReceiptDeleting a Scanned Packing Slip or Receipt will send the document back to the Scan Match:

If a service provider provides your Company’s Prendio Accounts Payable Services, processing a packing slip or proxy packing slips will be handled by the service provider.  These fields will be greyed out, but users will have view only access.
If a Note was entered while matching a Packing Slip in the Scan Match, they will display in the Notes column.

After selecting View (eyeball), the next screen will display the packing slip or proxy packing slip on the left and details of lines from the PO on the right:

Note the part or service lines listed on the packing slip/proxy packing slip on the left.  Add in the Qty Received or amount (pricing) Received on the right.  Ensure that the Qty or Amount added matches the packing slip.  It is possible that lines may not be fully received (Qty Remaining 0 or Remaining 0).  Lines that are not fully Received/Closed will have future packing slips/proxy packing slips processed against the PO and will have multiple receipts.
Examples of receiving Qty for part lines
The packing slip indicates a Qty 1 delivered for the item and this Qty is added in the Qty Received field.  Since the line is fulfilled (Qty Remaining is 0), Prendio automatically closes the line (Close Line checked):
The packing slip indicates a Qty 2 delivered for the item and this Qty is entered in the Qty Received field.  The Qty Remaining for the line is 1 indicating that this will be expected in a future delivery/packing slip.  The line is left open for the future packing slip/Receipt:
Example of receiving an amount (pricing) for a service line:
The proxy packing slip indicates the service total is $5,979 amount is added in the Received field.  Since the line is fulfilled  (Remaining is 0), Prendio automatically closes the line (Close Line checked):
The proxy packing slip indicates that the service total is $2,500 and this amount is added in the Received field.  The Remaining amount on the PO is $7,500 indicating that future services will be expected.  The line is left open for the future proxy packing slip/Receipt:
If there are lines that are not reflected on the packing slip/proxy packing slip, leave the Qty Received/Received field blank.  After the line is fulfilled and a packing slip/proxy packing slip is ready, the field can be completed to process another Receipt.
In the example below, Part #0003 was not delivered and not listed on the packing slip.  The Qty Received field is left at 0:
Converting a Part Line to a Service Line
A part line can be converted to a service line in order to receive an amount (pricing) instead of a Qty.  This is common if the user mistakenly created a line as a part when it should have been a service.
In the example below, the line is for a service (Installation); however, Prendio is requiring a Qty be added instead of an Amount:
Select the S on the bottom right of the line:
Confirm Yes to update from a part to a service line:
The line is updated and an amount can be added.  Qty Remaining also updates to the remaining total on the PO ($500.00):
Prendio will indicate in the Receipt Notes area that the line has been converted to a service:
After the appropriate field are added, select Done, Next:
The user is directed back to the Receipts tab.  A Receipt # will be generated to replace the N/A and a Receipt Status will indicate Created:
Other Notes:
Receipts that have already been applied to the same PO will appear in grey with the Receipt number for the user's awareness:

Receiver > Got It
Got It. can be used to send an email and a text message (if enabled for the Requester) when the Packing Slip arrived processed.
 Please note that the Got It. feature does not automatically process receipts for packing slips.  The feature alerts users when orders have arrived and Receipts still need to be processed in the Receipts tab.  This feature is optional and does not need to be utilized at a company.
After selecting Got It., the user is directed to a new screen.  A PO number can be added using the keypad or via the user's own keyboard:
Once a PO number is added, Prendio locates the supplier for the PO as well as the requester.  Selecting GOT IT. will send the requester an email notification indicating that their order has arrived:
Copy of the email sent to a requester:
To return to Prendio, select the Home icon: