Scan Upload

Upload your packing slips and invoices to Prendio

Updated on April 19, 2024


Note: Functionality covered in this article is available to the Accounts Payable and Receiver roles. See your admin to assign roles.

Scan Upload
Packing slips and invoices received will be scanned and uploaded into Prendio to make them available to onsite or offsite employees, consultants, and AP service providers.
Prendio Scan Upload functionality is available to the Receiver Role and the Accounts Payable role. Typically, the Receiver role is used to upload Scanned Packing Slips, and the Accounts Payable role is used to upload Scanned Invoices


Note: Prendio Scan Upload will accept multi-page files. For best performance, a maximum file size of 175 KB should be targeted.

*Please note that files up to 10MB maximum will be accepted; however, a smaller file size is recommended as some ERP systems have file limitations for the push bundle. 

In this example Receiver role is used (Accounts Payable will also have the same access).  Find Scan and Scan Upload:


PDF files can be dragged and dropped to the Add Scanned Filed to the Queue or users can select Add Files to manually select PDF documents to upload:


Note: If documents are already in the Scan Upload window, the Add Files button will display + # Files Queued and can be used to upload additional documents:

Documents added to the queue can be deleted by selecting the minus symbol on the top right of the document:


Select Start Upload to upload the PDF Documents:


When an upload of a document is complete, a Check Mark appears in the corner of document:

100% appears in the corner of the window when the upload is complete:


After the documents are uploaded, they migrate to the Scan Match section of the Scan tab:

Thumbnail views of the uploaded PDF Documents appear at the top. They will eventually be matched to the appropriate Purchase Order (PO):


Details of the documents can be added to the right (after selecting the document by checking off the bottom:

If a document needs to be deleted, check off the bottom of the document and select delete (trash icon):

Once deleted, these documents can be recovered by selecting Deleted Scans (Documents deleted in the Add Scanned Files to the Queue of the Scan Upload can also be recovered):



  • Your account must have the Create/View Confidential Orders permission enabled in order to view the Scan Match tab.
  • Unless your company handles its own Accounts Payable work, the matching fields may not be active and are greyed out. That is because a service provider will be handling the matching for you.
  • Users can also upload documents using the Scan Upload Email feature.  Details can be found via Scan Upload Email.


Next Up: Assigning the scanned invoices and packing slips to the corresponding purchase order with Scan Match.