Understanding Additional Funds Requests

Updated on April 23, 2024
Sometimes an Accounts Payable (AP) user is processing an invoice, but there are not enough remaining funds for the related Purchase Order (PO). That user can send a request for additional funds to the PO requester that can go through any approval path necessary for that amount.
The general workflow of this process:

As an AP user: Sending an Additional Funds Request
An order is in place and awaiting fulfillment. In this example, there is $1,500.00 remaining on the order.
An invoice for the order is scanned into Prendio. You can process it in [Accounts Payable > Scan > Scan Match].
The invoice is for the same PO, but the invoice is for greater than the remaining amount of the PO.
 Note: Please note that this process is applicable only for service orders. For item orders, please refer to this link: Amount Invoiced Cannot be Greater than the Amount Received
When processing the invoice as-is, you receive a warning about insufficient funds. You can click the Yes button to send an Additional Funds Request.
You can prepare the Additional Funds Request with additional notes, as needed. When complete, click the Save button.
At this point, the status of the PO will change to "Req in Approval" while the Additional Funds Request is taking place. The invoice will remain in Scan Match with note about the pending approval.

As a Requester or Approver: Responding to an Additional Funds Request for your PO
An approval process takes place like when submitting a cart or when a PO change requires a re-approval. You receive an email notification with information about the request, an attachment of the invoice, and the approval path.
You also see an "Additional Funds Requested" notification on your Prendio dashboard.
Click the notification to access the Approval of Additional Funds page. You can review the invoice, the new remaining amount of the PO being requested, and options to respond.
From here you can respond in one of three ways before clicking the Done button:
  • I approve PO and Receipt is Complete: You approve the request for additional funds as-is
  • Not Complete or Invoice Incorrect: You reject the request for additional funds. Use the Notes field to specify the reason for rejection
  • Add additional funds and approve Receipt: You approve the request for additional funds, but with an amount in addition to the originally requested amount.
If you accept the approval, the request process is repeated for other approvers based on the total amount of the PO and involved segments such as Department or GL Account. The request will return to the AP team once it clears approvals or is rejected.

AP user: Handling completed Additional Funds Requests
You receive an email notification indicating a successful approval of additional funds. Like a Proxy Packing Slip request, the completed Additional Funds Request will result in a Receipt and Voucher that are ready to process.
You access the Receipt for that order in [Receiver > Receipts].
When processing the Receipt, you will see the line for handling the additional funds.
You can access the Voucher for the order under [Accounts Payable > Vouchers].
When processing the Voucher, you will see the Receipt with the applicable lines.