Accounting Configuration

About This Document

This document details the AP Management > General > Accounting Setup.


The Prendio AP Management or Admin role is required. User roles are assigned by a Company Admin.

Note: This setup window is also available in Admin > General Accounting and the changes are best made there.

AP Management> General > Accounting

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1.   New Supplier Approval can be enabled. To enable this feature click in the New Supplier Approver pulldown menu to select a Prendio User from the list. Once enabled, that user will  need to approve any new supplier requests for your company.

2.    Enable ERP Integration This feature is not selected by default. When not enabled Prendio orders are Exported as CSV (comma separated values) files for manual import into the ERP System. When enabled these orders can be pushed to the configured ERP System.

Note: The initial ERP Integration is completed with the assistance of the Prendio Technical Support. Please contact when any changes are necessary.


ERP Connector Setup

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3.  The available ERP Systems appear in the ERP Connector pulldown menu.

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The available selections are Prendio Quickbooks Online Connector, Prendio Quickbooks Desktop Connector, Prendio NetSuite

Connector, Prendio Oracle Fusion Connector and Prendio MS Business Central Connector.

All of these selections communicate website to website (online connector) with the exception of Quickbooks Desktop.

Note: Quickbooks Online will be used in this example.


4. The Renew Connection button is used to re-establish communication between the Prendio and Quickbooks secure websites.

Prendio Flexible Segments:

Common ERP Segments are how the Segments are named internally in Prendio. These names cannot be modified.

Prendio Segments are how the Segments are named in the Prendio User Interface (examples: Carts, Accounts Payable and AP Push).

5. The default names are used here. These can be changed to match the ERP Naming.

6. These are Optional Segments and can only be enabled with the assistance of Prendio Technical Support. Please contact when any changes are necessary.

7. With the Prendio online connectors an AP Push Bundle can be selected. This will attach the document(s) in PDF format to the orders and these bundles will be pushed to these ERP Systems.

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8. The documentation selections available display in the AP Push Bundle pulldown menu. The          selections are Invoice + PO + Packing Slip(s) + Approval Summary, Invoice + PO + Packing Slip(s), Invoice + PO + Approval Summary, Invoice, and (do not attach any documents).

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9. The Tax and Freight Assignment pulldown menu has 2 selections, Distributed to Lines and Specific Accounts. Selecting Distributed to Lines distributes the tax and freight between each line item in the order. Selecting Specific Accounts allows the Tax and Freight to be assigned individually to a GL Account.

10. An Accounting Note can be entered here. The note entered here will appear in the Scan Match window for the Receiver and Accounts Payable roles.

11. Press Save when the configuration is complete.