Adding A Supplier To Prendio

This document details the steps to follow when a Prendio Customer needs to add a Supplier to Prendio.

Updated on June 20, 2024


Prendio Supplier Management
In Prendio, Suppliers are managed by the Prendio Catalog Manager. When a Supplier is added to Prendio, that Supplier is added to the Prendio Supplier Database.

Requesting A Supplier In A Prendio Cart
When creating a Part or Service Line in a Prendio Cart, the Supplier Name is entered in the Supplier: field. As the name of the supplier is typed, the Prendio Supplier Database is searched for that supplier name. If the name is recognized, similar names found in this database will appear below this field.

In this example, WAQ Graphics is entered in the Supplier: field. There are no similarly named suppliers displayed below this field so this supplier is not in the database.


Since the supplier is not in the database, that Supplier's Website or Email Address must be entered in the Website/Email: field before it can be added. If the supplier doesn't have a website, email address, or that info is unknown, you can use a placeholder address such as, etc.  If users have the supplier’s W-9, the document can be attached to expedite the order.

If the supplier’s W-9 is not available, add the supplier's website or email address and select Request Supplier. After the cart is submitted, a user with the Buyer role can reach out to the supplier for the W-9 and attach for the supplier.  Please note that until the W-9 is obtained, the order or any urgent invoices for the supplier cannot be processed:


Request Supplier is then selected to add this supplier to the Prendio Supplier Database:

Note: Double check that you have entered the name of the supplier correctly before adding the supplier to the database.

For more information regarding attaching a W-9 for a new supplier, please visit: Uploading a W-9 in a Cart 


Part or Service Line Items can then be added to the cart and the cart can then be submitted.

When the Req created a Buyer, the Buyer will Connect the Supplier to your Company.

For more information regarding connecting a new supplier, please visit:
Connecting a New Supplier and Obtaining a W9 and Remittance Address as Needed

The Connection process includes establishing payment terms between your company and the supplier, filling out a credit application (if needed), as well as gathering any supporting documents needed such as the supplier's W9/W8 etc.


Additional Cart Supplier Name Scenarios

In this example, the supplier is in the database so WAS Graphics can be selected from the displayed selections:


(New Supplier - no account established) displays because an account has yet to be established between the supplier and company. 


Part or Service Line Items can then be added to the cart and the cart can then be submitted.

As with the previous example, when the Req created reaches your Buyer, that user will Connect the Supplier to your Company, establishing the account.


In this example, a Check-mark Enclosed In A Circle icon appears in front of the Supplier Name:


Suppliers that display this icon have already been Connected to your company:

Part or Service Line Items can then be added to the cart and the cart can then be submitted and the request processed.