Creating A Prendio Punchout Order

Updated on April 26, 2024
A Punchout Order is the most automated method to place an order from Prendio. Clicking on a Supplier Punchout icon on the Dashboard takes the Requester from the Prendio website to the Supplier's website. Items can then be added to your Supplier Cart and when the Requester checks out, a new Cart is created in Prendio.
If a punchout is not available for a supplier or if items and services are not available on the punchout website, users must create a Manual Cart.  For more details, please visit: Creating an Order with a Manual or Custom Cart
When a Punchout Order is submitted it will go directly to the Supplier if the Total for that cart is below a Tolerance set in Prendio.
Tolerances are set by a user with the Admin or AP Management role.
In this example, if the Punchout Order is less than 100.00 it will go directly to the Supplier. If it is over this amount it will go to a Buyer for review:

Placing A Punchout Order
On the Dashboard, locate the Punchouts section.  Select the supplier:
After selecting the punchout logo for the supplier, the Requester is taken to the Supplier's website.  The website recognizes that the user is connected using the Punchout:
Please note that some websites will require you to enter your name and recommend that you enable Cookies.
Search for items:
Add items to the cart:
Continue to search/browse items and add to the cart until checkout.
Checking Out
When the cart is complete with all of the needed items, review the cart on the supplier's website before returning to Prendio.  Confirm the Qty of each item and update as needed:
If additional items need to be added to the order, select them before checking outAfter check out, users are directed back to Prendio and they cannot add anything else to that PO.
Select Checkout when ready:
Confirm on the next window to return to Prendio.  Some punchout sites will not have a window indicating the return to Prendio after checkout:
Back At Prendio
A new Punchout Order Cart is created and the Supplier and Item Information are populated:
The Order Type is automatically defaulted to PunchOut Order:
Expand the Line Item by selecting the arrows at the end of each line:
Areas including Note to Supplier, Note to Buyer, Accounting Segments, and more will appear after expanding a line:
Select Apply to all lines to populate the Segments for each line.  Segments can also be manually adjusted for each line as needed:
Submit Cart when ready:
An Approval Window will appear indicating if the order requires approval before advancing. Select Submit
 The user is redirected to the Dashboard.  The order can be viewed in My Orders:
Since the order is over the $100.00 threshold set in Tolerances, the order goes to a Buyer for review before it can be submitted to the supplier: