Import User Details

Updated January 17, 2023

Prendio users with the Admin role have the ability to create multiple new user accounts simultaneously by uploading a .xlsx, .xls, or .csv file. Adjustments or corrections to existing users can also be updated in this manner. The uploaded data will replace and override current data in Prendio for these users.

In the Admin role, select the Users tab and select Import Users:


A screen will appear to enable selecting a .xlsx, .xls, or .csv file to import to Prendio:


A template to add user details can be downloaded in the top right:


Please note the following when completing the template:

  • Certain fields marked with an asterisk are required and cannot be left blank (User First and Last names, Email Address, Spend Limit, etc).
  • Other fields that do not apply for the user or company should be left blank if not utilized (ex. a user's Mobile Number, SSO User IDP if Single Sign On is not enabled, etc).
  • Please ensure that when referencing any accounting segments or other users at the company (eg. Next Approver, Approval Delegate, etc), these accounts must exist in Prendio prior to the import to avoid any error messagesIf the accounting segment or user account being referenced doesn't exist, they may be left blank or deleted and completed at a later time.
    Ex. A new user belongs to the Clinical department segment and has Mary Leung as their Next Approver. The Clinical department must be created via Accounts Payable and the user Mary Leung must have an account in Prendio.
  • When completing a user’s approval path, list all approvers on the user’s path by first and last name, separated by a comma between approvers.
  • Import Users should not be used to update email addresses for users.  A new user account will be created with the email address instead of overwriting the current account for the user.

Once a . xlsx, .xls, or .csv file is prepared, it can be uploaded to the screen (Select file or drag and drop to the screen). Once uploaded, the details will display:


Select to the left the row that will serve as the header and click on Next:


The next screen will provide an opportunity to match each column with the appropriate segment/selection. Once the columns have been matched, select Next:


The final screen will display all user details with the appropriate columns matched to the correct segments/selections.

Verify all information is correct. Corrections may be made by clicking into each cell and adjusting as needed. If any users should be left out of the import, check off the row on the left and select Discard selected rows:


Select Save once complete. A message will appear in case errors are detected:


 If errors are detected, select Cancel.  More information about what caused the error will display by selecting Show only rows with errors:

Errors will appear with the column highlighted in red:

In the example below, a required field was left blank for the user. The error can be rectified by typing directly into the cell on this screen:


 Note: If an error message stating New Users Cannot be added to this column appears for any of the users, this indicates that one or more of the users listed in the Next Approver, Approval Delegate, Proxy Delegate, or Personal Approval Path fields does not have an active Prendio account. Please note that to reference another user in these fields, their account must exist in Prendio prior to the import:

If this error occurs, check the box on the left to Discard selected rows containing this error and process another import once the appropriate user accounts have been created.  

Another option is to delete these fields by clicking directly into the cell leaving them blank.  The deleted fields may be added at a later time after completing a second import.

Once errors have been cleared, select Save. A message will indicate that the import was successful and results may be downloaded:

All new user accounts created from the import will be listed in the table of active users.  

Adjustments to existing accounts will also be updated.


 The final step is to notify each user to activate their new Prendio account. To do this, click on Edit in the Action column of each user to populate the User Account Setup window. Select Send Activation to send the user an activation email 


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