Managing Users

Adding and managing a Prendio user's settings is a straightforward effort. User profiles are managed by the company administrator.



Name, email address, phone, notes, etc. All basic stuff. Some fields are required * but most are not required. The mobile phone fields are needed for the text messaging step in the approval notification process (if enabled).


Account Status
From the user profile, the administrator can make a user account Inactive, Lock or Unlock access to the account following a password failure and send an Activation email to create a first or new password. Users that have not yet completed their registration have a Pending status.


  • After creating a user account or setting a new email, an activation must be sent to the user.
  • Making a user account Inactive might cause requisitions in process to become stuck. The system will alert you or your buyer to these situations.



Mobile Phone Number
User Notification for Approvals, Reminders, and Package Arrival are some of Prendio's strongest features. Mobile numbers are used for optional notification by text message. Provide the mobile number and carrier to enable this capability. Select the notification options needed for this user. This feature can also be managed by the user in their profile.


Prendio provides access to functionality by Role. It is by this method that Prendio supports a separation of duties, critical to good practice.

  • Requester - This role is required for every user and cannot be disabled. It enables the Dashboard, basic ordering, and approvals processes.
  • Buyer - Create new suppliers, negotiate pricing, create, confirm and manage purchase orders. This role can also be filled by the BioProcure team.
  • Receiver - Scan and upload packing slips, create receipts. This role can also be filled by the BioProcure team.
  • Accounts Payable - Scan and upload invoices, 3-way matching, create vouchers, synchronize accounting segments and Suppliers with ERP. This role can also be filled by the BioProcure team.
  • AP Management - Review and adjust vouchers, push vouchers to your ERP/Accounting system for bill creation, manage ERP Connector settings.
  • Admin - Manage users, manage ERP Connector Settings, Time Table management (if enabled), misc company settings.
  • Doc Store Manager - Upload and detail documents (if enabled), manage Document types.


Default View
Each user can be limited in the Carts, Requisitions, and Orders that they see listed in the system.

Note - In all cases, the Orders listed on the user Dashboard will be limited to that user's orders.


Confidential Orders
Select this option to allow the user to create and view carts, requisitions, and orders tagged as confidential. Other users that have this same option enabled will be able to see these items. 


Default Ship To and Default GL Account
Defaults are provided to save the user time in the cart creation process. While the user will have options to select different values in the cart, the cart fields are defaulted to these values.


If the Time Table and/or Doc Store add-ons are enabled on your account, each user will have related settings.
  • Time Table - There will be an "Enable Time Table" checkbox option that allows user access to the Time Table feature in the Prendio Dashboard. See this article for Time Table Setup.
  • Doc Store - Document Type access - Select those document types that this user will be able to read/attach to carts from the Doc Store. Document types not selected will not be visible to this user. Only those with the Doc Store Manager role can upload documents to the Doc Store. For more info, see the Doc Store Setup article.


Details Section
The details Section of the User Profile is primarily used to support the Approval process. See the Approvals Overview article for more information.


Areas of Interest
Optional - Select all that apply for the user to refine Prendio to make it more directed and efficient for the user.


Multi-Company Users
Prendio supports users that work with multiple Prendio accounts. When adding an email address already in use for another company, you will be presented with an option to enable the user with multiple companies. Once logged into Prendio, a multi-company user can view any one of their companies by clicking the company name in the upper right corner of the screen.
You can also elect your Default Login Company by accessing their profile page located in the top right of their account. Learn more here: Multi-Company Users Can Select Their Default Login Company in Their User Profile

Note - After creating a user or setting a new email, an activation must be sent to the user.