Processing a Punchout Order

An overview of processing a punchout order if Buyer intervention is required

Updated on April 29, 2024

Processing a Punchout Order With "Continue Punchout"

Processing a Punchout Order Without "Continue Punchout"


Select the Buyer role followed by Buyers's Queue:


Locate the Requisition Queue table:


In the Requisition Queue, requisitions can be sorted by order Type.  After locating punchout order, take ownership of the requisition by clicking on Own in the Actions column:


Processing a Punchout Order With "Continue Punchout"

After ownership has been taken for the order, you will now see an overview of the PO:

Review the order and check each line in the PO for any internal notes or attachments to the Buyer or Supplier:


Check each line to also to see if the order is marked as Critical or if the Need by Date indicates that the order needs to be expedited:


If there are no internal notes, attachments, and the order does not need to be expedited, proceed to process the PO by selecting Continue Punchout:

Please note that a punchout order with internal notes, attachments, or an expedited Need by Date may need to be processed manually as a Buyer order to confirm avilability, delivery date, and that the supplier takes into account special notes or attachments.  If a punchout order needs to be processed manually, please visit: Processing a Buyer Order


After selecting Continue Punchout, Prendio will send the PO details directly to the supplier to process and the order will automatically be marked as Confirmed.  The user is directed out of the PO page to the My Reqs tab indicating that the punchout is successful:


Select the Buyers' Queue tab to process another requisition:


Error Message after Selecting "Continue Punchout"

If Continue Punchout is selected and an error message below appears, it is possible that the punchout did not process properly:

Users must reach out to the supplier to confirm if the PO was received.  For more details, please visit: Removing a Punchout Processing PO from the Problem Order Queue


Processing a Punchout Order Without "Continue Punchout"

Some orders placed via the Punchout will not offer a Continue Punchout option in the top right:


POs placed via the Punchout without a Continue Punchout option indicates that there are only half punchout capabilities with the supplier.  Users creating the cart have access to the punchout website and can shop normally; however, a Buyer will need to submit the order manually.

To submit the PO to the supplier, select Email PO followed by Punchout by Email:


The Punchout by Email window will appear.  Send on the bottom right to send the supplier the PO details.  Once sent, the order will be Marked as Confirmed:


After the PO is sent to the supplier, the user is directed out of the PO page and a success message will appear at the top of the screen:


The user is directed back to the Buyers' Queue: