Updating a Part Line to a Service Line from the Receipt

Updated on June 2, 2023

When creating a cart, users can mistakenly add a service as a part line. When this occurs, Prendio will ask for the quantity of the service rather than an amount (pricing) when processing a receipt.

In the example below, LINE 2 is a service (Installation); however, the user created this line as a part and a Qty is expected:


To update a part line to a service line, select the S on the bottom right of the line:

Select Yes to format the part line as a service:


The line will now be updated to a service. The Part # field will disappear and an amount (pricing) for the service can be added instead of the quantity.

Please note that if the user added a part number (in this case 000, this will be merged into the Description for the service line):

Receipt Notes will also update to indicate the change:

Users can add the amount of the service via the Received field:


Once the rest of the Receipt details are completed as needed, Done, Next can be selected in the top right to generate a new receipt.


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