Understanding The Supplier Selections in a Prendio Cart

About This Document:
This document details the different Supplier Selections that appear in the Supplier field of a Prendio Cart. There are many Suppliers in the Prendio Supplier Database. This document will assist you in identifying if a Supplier is in the database and whether or not your Company has used them in Prendio before. Adding a New Supplier to Prendio is also detailed.

This process requires a User with the Prendio Requester Role.

Cart Types:

When a Prendio Supplier Punchout (automated) is used to create a Cart or if items are added using a Prendio Catalog Search (semi-automated), the Supplier Name is automatically filled in for the Line Items in these Cart types.

In this example a Manual Cart will be used so the Supplier will need to be selected by the Requester of the Cart.


Dashboard > My Carts > +Cart:


Press the + Cart icon to create a Manual Cart.


Add Part or Add Service are pressed to select the Supplier.



When you start typing the Supplier Name, if there are similar matches in the Prendio Supplier Database they will display. These similarly named Supplier Names are in the Prendio Supplier Database.


Connected Suppliers:

The Suppliers that appear with a Circled Checkmark icon displayed in the previous illustration are already Connected to your Company and you have purchased items from this Supplier through Prendio before.


Non-Connected Suppliers:

Suppliers that do not display the Circled Checkmark are new to your Prendio Company so the Buyer will need to Connect them to your Company and establish an account for you in Prendio.


A Buyer Connects Supplier:


1. The Buyer Checks Connected (Account Established).

2. During this process Terms and other Supplier Details are setup.


Suppliers New To Prendio:


3. If you type the Supplier Name and no matches display, the Supplier is New to Prendio.

Note: To avoid duplicates, please confirm that you have typed the Supplier Name correctly before adding the Supplier to Prendio.

4. To add the Supplier to Prendio, enter the Supplier website here:

5. Press Request Supplier to add the Supplier to the Prendio Supplier Database.

With the Supplier being new to Prendio and you are already working with this Supplier, we ask that you supply the following when possible:

6. In the Note to Internal Buyer field please provide the Supplier Email AddressPhone Number, and Remit-To Address (where checks are sent).

7. In the Attach for Internal Buyer field, please attach the Supplier's W-9 form.

Supplying this information to the Buyer will assist in expediting your requests.

When you complete your Line Item entries, the Supplier will be added when the Cart is Submitted.

Note: When this Supplier is added to the Prendio Supplier Database, the Buyer will also Connect the Supplier to your Company.