Analysis Tab

Updated on January 30, 2024

The Analysis Tab is available to all users and displays data depending on the roles assigned to the user (Requester, Receiver, Accounts Payable, and Admin):

After accessing the Analysis tab, Report Dashboards will appear on the left depending on which role(s) a user has been assigned. If a user has multiple roles, they will be able to access multiple Report Dashboards.

The user below has the Requester, Receiver, and Admin roles in Prendio. They will have access to view Scan upload history, Requisitions, and User Audit Report via Analysis on the left:

After navigating to a Report Dashboard on the left, users can adjust search criteria. If a user wishes to download a copy of a view, table, graph, etc available within a dashboard, they can do so to the right of the view.

In the example below, the All Orders table found in Requisitions of the Requester role is shown. A user can download this table by clicking on the download option to the right of All Orders:

The following Report Dashboards are available by role:





Receiver & Accounts Payable

Scan Upload History



User Audit Report

Purchase Order Audit