User Authentication Configuration

This document details Authentication Setup in Prendio.

Prendio Authentication is the default setting for Prendio. However, there is also a Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication option.
  • This configuration requires that a SSO application is available to your company. The company IT Department normally sets this up and provides the technical details
  • A Prendio user with the Admin role is required to complete this process
  • If the SSO radio button is not available for an Admin to select, then the feature must be requested for the Company account. Contact Prendio Technical Support at
The Prendio Admin role is required. User roles are assigned by a Company Admin.
Admin > General > User Authentication
Image 1-Feb-11-2022-04-22-53-99-PM
The default must be changed from Prendio to Single Sign-On to configure this option.
Once the setup is completed, Active Prendio Authentication User Profiles can be Edited and configured for SSO.
See these help docs for more information about the different SSO providers that can be used with Prendio: