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Prendio Admin Role Comprehensive Training

This document details the features available to the Prendio Company Admin role.

 Updated on July 24, 2023
The features detailed here require the Prendio Admin role.
All features and sections in this document are also available as individual Knowledgebase documents.
Some features are still in development or not yet implemented and are noted so.
General Configuration
This document details the configuration on the Admin > General > General window.
Admin > General > General:
1. The CartPO, and Voucher Starting #s were setup for your company during the Onboarding Process.
2. A Default Supplier Note can be entered here. This note will appear at the bottom of the PO.
3. Your Company WebsiteDUNS, and FID are entered here.
4. An Authorized Buyer Signature and Company Logo can be added here by hovering the mouse over the bottom of the boxes and clicking the Replace button as seen below.
Hover your Cursor below this field to Add or Replace a Signature.
A. Press Choose File to maneuver to and select a Signature Image.
B. After selecting the image, position it in the window using Zoom Out and Zoom In.
C. Press Set as Signature Image when complete.
Hover your Cursor below this field to Add or Replace a Company Logo.
Note: Adding and positioning the Company Logo Image is the same as a Signature.
5. A Default Credit Reference can be attached here, as well as a Default Bill To Address and Default AP To Email Address.
6. Add can be pressed to Add Shipping Accounts. The added Shipping Account(s) will display in the Supplier Details window.
7. Always press Save when the configuration is complete.
Notification Configuration
This section details the configuration on the Admin > General > Notifications window.
Admin > General > Notifications:
A. The time that the first Requisition Approval Notification is sent is not configurable, this request is sent immediately after the cart is submitted.

B. The Reminder Approval Request is sent to the approver if he or she does not respond during the time configured here. In this example if the approver does not respond in 3 days, a Reminder Email Notification is sent to that approver.

C. Text Message Reminders can also be configured. If the approver does not respond to the Reminder Approval Request within the time configured here, a Text Message Reminder can also be sent. In this example if the approver did not respond to any of the previous requests within 5 days of when the cart was submitted, a Text Message is sent to that approver.
Notes: If a time is not entered for text message notifications this type of notification is disabled.
To receive text message notifications the approver’s cell phone number and carrier must be specified and this feature also must be enabled in their Prendio User Profile.

D. A Delegate Approval Request is sent to that approver’s delegate if the approver does not respond to any of the previous approval requests. In this example a request is sent in 7 days of when the cart was submitted to the Approver’s Delegate if the approver did not respond to any requests.
Note: The Approver’s Delegate is immediately notified if Out of Office (OOO) is configured in the Approver’s Prendio User Account Setup.

E. The Next Approver in the Requester’s Approval Path is sent an approval request when a requisition requires more than one approver. In this example a request is sent in 7 days and 5 hours of when the cart was submitted to the Next Approver.

Quiet Hours:
If Enabled Notifications will be Paused for the Time Period entered.
Got it. Notification Message:
Got It is a feature for the Receiver role that sends an Email and if configured a Text Message to the requester of an order. A Default Message can be entered here.
Slack Notification Configurations:
If enabled Prendio Notifications can be communicated through Slack.
Note: This setup is configured by the Company Admin together with their IT Department.
Safety Approver Configuration
Safety Approvers is no longer in use as it is an older feature in Prendio
Adding Dashboard Announcements And Holidays
This section details how the Prendio Company Admin can add Announcements and Holidays to the Prendio Dashboard.
Prendio Dashboard Before:
The Announcements and Holidays will appear above the Support heading on the Dashboard.
Admin > General > Announcements:
1. Select Announcements.
2. Press Add Announcement.
Announcement Setup:
3. Enter the Announcement Verbiage in the Dashboard Content field.
4. Select the From and To Dates that the Announcement will appear on the Dashboard.
5. Press Save.
The Announcement is now saved and can be Edited or Deleted using available Actions.
Note: The Prendio Team will also post Announcements for scheduled System Maintenance that will appear on the Dashboard for all Prendio Companies.
Admin > General > Holidays:
6. Select Holidays.
7. Press Add Holiday.
Holiday Setup:
8. Select the Date for the Holiday.
9. Enter the Holiday Name.
10. Check Shipping Holiday - No packages received if desired.
11. Press Save.
The Holiday is now saved and can be Edited or Deleted using available Actions.
Prendio Dashboard After:
12 The Announcement appears here.
13. The Upcoming Holidays appear here.
Accounting Configuration
This section details the Admin > General > Accounting Setup.
Note: This setup window is also available in AP Management > General Accounting and the changes are best made there.

Admin > General > Accounting


1.   New Supplier Approval can be enabled. To enable this feature click in the New Supplier Approver pulldown menu to select a Prendio User from the list. Once enabled, that user will  need to approve any new supplier requests for your company.

2.    Enable ERP Integration This feature is not selected by default. When not enabled Prendio orders are Exported as CSV (comma separated values) files for manual import into the ERP System. When enabled these orders can be pushed to the configured ERP System.

Note: The initial ERP Integration is completed with the assistance of the Prendio Technical Support. Please contact support@prendio.com when any changes are necessary.


ERP Connector Setup

3.  The available ERP Systems appear in the ERP Connector pulldown menu.


The available selections are Prendio Quickbooks Online ConnectorPrendio Quickbooks Desktop Connector, Prendio NetSuite

ConnectorPrendio Oracle Fusion Connector and Prendio MS Business Central Connector.

All of these selections communicate website to website (online connector) with the exception of Quickbooks Desktop.

Note: Quickbooks Online will be used in this example.


4. The Renew Connection button is used to re-establish communication between the Prendio and Quickbooks secure websites.

Prendio Flexible Segments:

Common ERP Segments are how the Segments are named internally in Prendio. These names cannot be modified.

Prendio Segments are how the Segments are named in the Prendio User Interface (examples: Carts, Accounts Payable and AP Push).

5. The default names are used here. These can be changed to match the ERP Naming.

6. These are Optional Segments and can only be enabled with the assistance of Prendio Technical Support. Please contact support@prendio.com when any changes are necessary.

7. With the Prendio online connectors an AP Push Bundle can be selected. This will attach the document(s) in PDF format to the orders and these bundles will be pushed to these ERP Systems.


8. The documentation selections available display in the AP Push Bundle pulldown menu. The          selections are Invoice + PO + Packing Slip(s) + Approval SummaryInvoice + PO + Packing Slip(s)Invoice + PO + Approval SummaryInvoice, and (do not attach any documents).


9. The Tax and Freight Assignment pulldown menu has 2 selections, Distributed to Lines and Specific Accounts. Selecting Distributed to Lines distributes the tax and freight between each line item in the order. Selecting Specific Accounts allows the Tax and Freight to be assigned individually to a GL Account.

10. An Accounting Note can be entered here. The note entered here will appear in the Scan Match window for the Receiver and Accounts Payable roles.

11. Press Save when the configuration is complete.



Support Menu Configuration
This section details the Admin > General > Support Menu Setup. The Support Menu feature allows the Company Admin to set up Links to Email Addresses and URLs below the Support Heading on the Prendio Dashboard.
Admin > General > Support Menu
1. Press Add Support Item.
2. Complete the Required Fields.
Note: Active must be checked for the Support Menu detail entered to appear on the Prendio Dashboard.
3. Press Save when complete.
4. The added Support Menu added now displays.
Prendio Dashboard > Support Heading
5. The added Support Menu now appears on the Dashboard.
When the link is pressed, an Email Message to the Company Admin appears.
Prendio Admin Role Tolerances Configuration
This document details the Admin > General > Tolerances Setup.
Note: These settings are also available in AP Management > General > Tolerances.



1. Buyer PO Creation is where the maximum amount for a Punchout Order that does not require a Buyer Review is entered.

Note: Punchout Orders below this amount will be sent directly to the Supplier and the PO Number will be provided to the Requester.
This is also where the monetary amounts are entered for the percentages of a change to that amount determine whether re-approval is required.

2. Receipt Creation is where the percentage of the quantity of an item received per order line without a PO revision.

3. Always press Save when a change is made.

User Authentication Configuration
This document details the Admin > General > User Authentication Setup. Prendio Authentication is the default in Prendio. However there is also Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication option.
SSO is setup by the Company Admin along with the Company's IT Department.
Prendio Users must be Active with Prendio Authentication before SSO is selected for that User.
Admin > General > User Authentication
The default must be changed from Prendio to Single Sign-On to configure this option.
Once the setup is completed, Active Prendio Authentication User Profiles can be Edited and configured for SSO.
Below are links to Knowledgebase Articles for the Identity Providers supported by Prendio:
Adding A User To Prendio
This section details the steps required to create a Prendio User Profile.
Admin > Users:

1. Press the Add User Button.

 General Tab:


2. These Mandatory Fields must be completed. The fields that do not have a Red Asterisk (*) are not mandatory and may be useful to your company.

3. Create/View Confidential Orders must be selected if this user is to have access to view and/or Confidential Orders.

4. Press Save when complete.

Details Tab:


5. Pressing Save added the User's Name to the Prendio User Profile.

6. Select Details.

7. The user's Spend LimitApproval LimitApproval Delegate, and Next Approver must be selected.

Note: Clicking in the Approval Delegate and Next Approver pulldown menus will display a list of Prendio users to select from.

8. Click on Add Approver to display a list of Prendio Users to manually select as Approvers to add to the user's Personal Approval Path.

- or -

9. Click on Reset Path to Default for Prendio to automatically add the Approvers to the Personal Approval Path.


Allowed Departments:
The user must be a Member of a Department for that department to be available to the user when creating a new cart.



10. In the Allowed Departments header click on Manage.


11. Check the box next to All to add the user as a member to all departments or manually select the department(s) the user should be a member of.

12. Press Save when complete.


13. The Allowed Departments field now displays the number of departments this user is a member of. A department can also be selected as the default for the user.

Note: The Default Department will automatically be selected when the user creates a new cart.


Allowed Projects:
Note: Projects are an optional feature and will not appear if they are not enabled for your company. The user must be a Member of a Project for that project to be available to the user when creating a new cart.



15. Check the box next to All to add the user as a member to all projects or manually select the project(s) the user should be a member of.

16. Note: Timetable is an option in Prendio that the users can post the times spent on projects. If your company has this option check the box under Timetable next to the Project(s) that should be available for time tracking.

17. Click on the X in the upper right-hand corner to close this window when complete.


18. The Allowed Projects field now displays the number of projects this user is a member of.

Back To The General Tab:


19. Click on Send Activation to send an email to the user that contains a link for the user to Activate their profile.

20. Activation Request email sent will appear briefly.

21. Press Save when complete.

Admin > Users: 


22. Cindy Brady's Prendio User Profile is now in a Pending status. After Cindy responds to the Activation Request, the status will change to Active.

Additional Information: 


23. The Authentication tab is used to specify if the user is using Prendio or SSO (Single Sign-On) Authentication, the default is Prendio Authentication. The Secondary Notification tab is used to configure the user's Slack username.

Notes: SSO Authentication and Slack Integration are options, please contact Prendio Technical Support for more detail.

24. Click on the Details tab.


25. A summary of the user's DelegateApproval Path, and Watcher responsibilities is included at the bottom of the Details tab.

Select the General tab.


26. A Default GL Account can also be selected for the user.

Note: The Default GL Account will automatically be selected when the user creates a new cart.

Making A Prendio User Profile Inactive and Deleting the Account (if Required)
This section details the steps required to delete a Prendio User Profile and the recommended preparation prior to this change.
 It is required that all open Requisitions or Purchase Orders (PO) for a user be reassigned before their account can be deactivated. When attempting to deactivate, if Prendio detects that the user is the Requester for any open orders, the Reassign Purchase Orders / Requisition window automatically opens with a warning that orders must be reassigned:
Before a user is deleted it is recommended that a Company Admin note which Delegate, Personal Approval Path, and Approver/Watcher responsibilities the user is a part of. This information can then be referenced when making the necessary edits to the profiles of anyone impacted by this change. This procedure begins with an example of this preparation.


Noting The User's Delegate, Personal Approval Path, And Approver/Watcher Responsibilities

Admin > User > Edit User:

1. Select the Details tab.

2. Scroll to the bottom to locate the user's DelegatePersonal Approval Path, and Approver/Watcher responsibilities:

Note or Create A Screenshot of this information for reference during the editing of the users that will be impacted by this change.


Deactivating A Prendio User Profile
Before deleting a Prendio User Profile the profile must be Inactive.

Admin > Users > Edit User:

3. Check the Account Inactive Box:

4. At the Confirmation window, press OK.

5. Enter a Reason for this activity:

6. Press Submit.

Press Save and close the window when complete.

Prendio User Licensing Charges do not apply to Inactive Users. For this reason many customers choose not to delete these profiles. Instead, they are used future reference or historical purposes. Inactive profiles do not display in the Users window by default.


Deleting The User Profile

Admin > Users

7. Check the Include Inactive box:

8. Click on the Delete button (Trash Can) icon:

9. At the Delete prompt press Yes:


Time Table Configuration
This section details the Admin > Time Table Setup. Time Table is a Prendio Option that allows Prendio Requesters to enter the amount of time spent on Projects. The Company Admin can then run Reports based on this criteria. Please contact support@prendio.comif you are interested in this option.
Admin > Time Table
1. Check Enable Time Table to enable this option.
Prendio Dashboard
2. Requesters can now enter the Time they spend on a Project each week and will be used in the Report feature for the Company Admin.
Prendio Admin Role Prendio Account And Company Tag Configuration
This section details the Admin > Prendio Account and Company Tags Setup.
Prendio Account
1. The Primary and Secondary Administrators are selected here. The Primary Administrator's Name will be referenced as support for some Prendio Error Messages. If the Primary Administrator is Out Of Office, the Secondary Administrator will be referenced.
Note: Press Save if changes are made.
2. Account History records changes made to Prendio User Profiles.
*If more detail is needed regarding a user's account including creation date, inactivation date, log in/out dates, updates to Spend Limit, Approval Limit, and other account details, please visit the User Audit Report of the Analysis Tab.  More information can be found here:
Company Tags
Note: Company Tags is under development and is not yet used in Prendio.
3. When this feature is available, Add New Tag will be used to create Company Tags.
4. A Tag Name and Short Description is added, press Save when complete.