Amount Invoiced Cannot be Greater than the Amount Received

Last Updated on 04/23/2024

When the amount of an invoice containing part lines is greater than the amount remaining on a PO, Prendio will indicate an error of Amount Invoiced Cannot be Greater than the Amount Received. The PO must be adjusted before the invoice can be processed.

In the example below, PO# 2530 has a remaining amount of $303.24; however, the invoice amount is $315.00:

Please note that POs with part lines or a combination of part and service lines are not eligible to increase the PO amount by adding funds in the Scan Match. Additional funds can only be added for POs with service lines only.

When this error message appears, the pricing must be increased by a user with the Buyer role. Before making pricing adjustments, users may wish to confirm that pricing on the invoice is correct. When checking on the pricing, users may add in details in Scan Notes indicating that further information is needed:


If pricing on the invoice is incorrect, delete the invoice in Scan Match via the delete option located in the top left corner of the invoice:


Upload a new/corrected invoice from the supplier to process in the Scan Match.


If the pricing on the invoice is correct, a user with the Buyer role must update the pricing. After a buyer updates the PO pricing, the amount remaining on the PO will increase to process the invoice:


Other Notes to Consider

If the unit price for a part line needs to be reduced, a user with the Accounts Payable role may do so in the Vouchers tab.  Instructions may be found:

Updating the Unit Price of a Part Line from a Voucher